Playwright, Performer, Teacher, Novelist

Off Broadway



“Vivian’s Music, 1969 is a sensuous, intoxicating experience… Monica Bauer’s text ignites your imagination so vividly that you can smell the pungent abattoir, the Kellogg factory and the strawberry sweat of the Youngblood 14-year-old Duane….It’s a dynamic show that is beautifully written…This show could be performed anywhere, with only candles or the light from an open fire and still completely move you to tears with its truth.”

Jacquelyn Claire, StageBiz

“Vivian’s Music is a stunning piece of work. The time has passed to see it as part of the East to Edinburgh series, but it’s certainly worth putting on your radar. Like the title character, it’s funny and smart and so, so heartbreaking.” 

Marti Sichel, Woman About Town

“Vivian’s Music 1969 is outstanding…The script is superb…So here is my recommendation now: 7.00 p.m., Sweet Grassmarket, running to the end of the fringe. You absolutely must catch this.”

Chris Neville-Smith, Theatre Blogspot ★★★★★

 “WITHOUT MUCH ADO, A MOMENT OF THEATRICAL BRILLIANCE… “Monica Bauer's script is astonishing…By turns naturalistic and allusive, Bauer's words evoke the late 1960s in a torrent of personal ambitions, dramatic scenes and a compassionate depiction of multiple lives caught in the racial conflicts after the deaths of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.”

Gareth K. Vile, The List ★★★★★